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Friday Allstage Band Highlight

Friday Allstage Band Highlight: Vultures Playing Ruckus

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The Band:

Kory Kage - Guitar

Alan Charlebois - Bass, Lead Vocals

Darren Fleury – Drums

Vultures Playing Ruckus (VPR) is a local powerhouse trio that deals mostly in originals but also tackles some covers by bands like Rush – and they are the incarnate of my favorite phrase “bringing the thunder”.

This band treats a live gig like a mega venue show that they are holding court over 5,000+ people. The band brings out video screens, has “roadies” to switch off guitars throughout the show and just approaches it with a professional attitude like they have been touring across the continent for years.

VPR covers a lot of ground for a three piece indie band; the musicianship within the band gives them the confidence and stability to tackle in their song writing, material that in most three piece bands would be left bare and exposed live.

I first saw/heard Alan Charlebois at The Scots Corner at their Tuesday open mic. No idea who he was or what was laying in wait as he was tuning up his acoustic but then came that “voice” – and I blocked everyone else in the bar out and focused on that “voice”.

When it came time for him to sing “Hallelujah”, well it sent shivers down my spine – literally. It was powerful, moving and so in control – that to me was the key part that at an acoustic open mic, this voice was delivered that demanded reverence. Take that voice and transfer it to a very talented rock band that writes really good songs and you have gold.

Kory Kage on guitar reminds me of Zak Wylde & Alex Lifeson live. Kory is a remarkable young guitarist, his talent is going to develop even more and blossom as time goes on. There is no end to what he can accomplish.

Onstage Kory is the guitarist that every three piece band search’s Kijiji and the internet for. Visually he is the entire package. Long hair, onstage presence, guitar-god like antics that never seem pre-choreographed or planned out - and talent beyond his age. Kory was voted to the JRMA All-Star band last year and it was an acknowledgement of his place in the local music community and the stature he rightfully he demands.

Offstage he is a very humble, approachable person who is far removed from his onstage persona. What he brings to VPR is priceless – immense talent, onstage star power and the fire and brimstone of guitar talent that makes VPR step out from the pack.

Darren Fleury on drums is the perfect foil to Alan and Kory, Technically he is very, very good and when he throws in his own drum licks it results in it being a signature part of the overall VPR song structure. Darren you can tell loves playing drums and while very talented, he never seems to take himself seriously to the point of being ego driven. I have had many business dealings with Darren and he is an absolute gentleman to deal with, a highly personable young man and I’m glad to know him as a person.

The band’s latest “Wild Child" EP is chalk full of excellent crafted original songs and I highly suggest you download or contact the band for a copy. Take not of this blog, this band is going to accomplish in the years to come.


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