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Friday Allstage Band Highlight

Friday Allstage Band Highlight: The Def Bombs

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The Boys:

John Patterson - Vocals

Jeff Kikut: Lead Guitar, Vocals

Chris 'Shlep' Caron: Bass

Rob MacEachern: Drums

The Def Bombs – now this is the definition of “bring the thunder” when you talk of rock bands that play SW Ontario.

The band members have extensive musical history in bands such as Leather Snake, Before The Damned, Syre, Ugly Stepsisters, KrazyTok, Helix, SvenGali, The Smashtones (currently), After the Lounge (currently) and ZED (currently).

Having seen the band numerous times I can attest to the fact that this is one very talented and fun band to see.

John Patterson’s vocals are powerful and his range is excellent. He has sung in Sabbabth Tributes, Maiden Tributes and the material in The Def Bombs requires a vast range from his voice. Add to his singing ability is John knows how to be a front man. He interacts with a crowd, always looks at them, knows the right thing to say at the right moment – all the skill sets that are invaluable to a skilled front man.

Jeff Kikut’s guitar work is well known all over the world having played with Helix at one point in time. Jeff is thee classic rock guitarist: the long mane of hair, the stage presence that demands your eyes to focus on him but the most important aspect is his guitar playing. Jeff is known in the London Music Community for his elite guitar playing and extremely humble ego in spite of his god given guitar skills. Quiet spoken off stage, put him on a stage and his guitar speaks volumes as he rips through some of the most complex guitar parts you will ever hear. I tried numerous times to have Jeff join my band Bender but he is so in demand as a guitar teacher and musician that it didn’t fly – but oh Lordy it would have been fun.

Chris 'Shlep' Caron is not your typical bass player; he is not one to stand glued to the stage for a show and is ever so much a part of the onstage show of The Def Bombs as anyone else in the band.

Chris is an extremely accomplished bassist and he is one half of the rock solid rhythm section of the band that anchors the band’s sound. There has been many a time I have seen them and each time Chris has impressed me with something new and complex in his playing – and he does it so effortlessly each and every time.

This brings me to Rob MacEachern on drums. Robbie is very well known in the community for his bombastic drumming style and a silly grin that goes ear to ear ALL THE TIME.

His drumming style mostly is a throwback to the style of John Bonham of Led Zeppelin which explains why he is ZED’s drummer – but with all he drummers I know, Robbie’s style comes closest to Bonham’s. Robbie drives the Smashtones from behind the kit like a 650-horsepower engine; non-relenting, powerful and heading for the finish line at all costs. When this man kicks in his double bass, it’s like thunder rolling through the venue as it hits you full force in the chest and there is no avoiding it.

His skill set on a set of drums is remarkable and all natural, he works hard at as well and that’s why he is one of the most respected drummers in the area.

At the end of the day The Def Bombs are a GREAT live band. Their set material is excellent, visually they are a lot of fun live and they can deliver whatever they play and knock it out of the park.

The BEST thing about this band for a patron is they are four very talented men who are among the nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and being privileged to call my friends. They truly love what they do and if you approach them at a show they will treat you like they have known you for 30 years – it doesn’t get any better than that.

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