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Kevin+Rudy+I+have+watched+grow+as+a+singer+in+leaps+and+bounds+since+roughly+first+coming+across+him+four+years+ago.+Add+to+that+his+acute +sense+and+drive+for+the+business+side+of+being+a+musician,+he+drives+the+Howzat+vehicle+with+a+total+understanding+of+the+many+facets+required+to+get+ahead+of+the+pack.+Onstage+he+understands+the+role+of+a+front+man+and+how+to+engage+the+audience+to+the+point+of+eating+out+of+his+hand+–+I+know+this+as+I+have+witnessed+it+many+a+time.



Dale+Penny+is+sheer+natural+ability+behind+a+drum+kit.+His+“musical”+ability+at+a+kit+is+remarkable,+even+more+so+as+he+often+takes+on+the+task+of+singing+as+well+from+his+headset+while+playing+intricate+drum+parts+in+Howzat+material.+Dale+is+a+one+kick+drummer,+and+reminiscent+of +the+Bonham+style+of+drumming+–+he+can+play+complex+bass+patterns+with+one+foot+better+than+most+can+with+double-bass.






In+2017,+Howzat+released+the+politically+charged+'LUV +DUST",+recorded+and+co-produced+by+Juno+award+winner+Siegfried+Meier+at+Beach+Road+Studios. + Charting+at+#1+on+Banks+Radio+Australia+for+2+weeks,+hitting+#7+on+the+nationally+renowned+Spider+Web+Radio+in+the+United+States+and+#1+on+The+365+Radio+network+in+the+U.S.+Howzat+has+recently+started+to+gain+some+commercial+FM+radio+spins+in+Canada+along+with+numerous +CBC+and+Sirius+XM+stations.+Their+2016+single+'STORM'+was+also+picked+up+by+the+syndicated+TSN+show+Highways+to+Fairways+on+Canadian+TV.




“What+a+glorious+throwback+to+my+metal+days! +It's+so+refreshing+to+see+new+artists+keeping+rock+fresh+and+alive+and+most+of+all,+FUN. +These+guys+are+truly+talented+and+i+can't+wait+to+hear+what+they+come+out+with+next. +Try+not+to+give+yourself+whiplash+as+you+rock+out+to+this+tune!+"


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Friday Allstage Band Highlight

Friday Allstage Band Highlight: Howzat

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The Boys:

Kevin Rudy: Vocals

Greigg Fraser: Lead Guitar, Vocals

Dave Buland: Bass

Dale Penny: Drums, Vocals

As is the case with many bands I see, each member of Howzat is a good friend of mine and it’s been my pleasure to witness their talents onstage live.

Kevin Rudy I have watched grow as a singer in leaps and bounds since roughly first coming across him four years ago. Add to that his acute  sense and drive for the business side of being a musician, he drives the Howzat vehicle with a total understanding of the many facets required to get ahead of the pack. Onstage he understands the role of a front man and how to engage the audience to the point of eating out of his hand – I know this as I have witnessed it many a time.

Greigg Fraser, well first off that name amongst the local London community is recognizable as one of the finest guitarists this city has to offer. His talents on his instrument are on display be it at a Howzat show, one of his CD’s that he has recorded or through his passion for teaching students. Yet it is the talent that led him to being endorsed by Warrior Guitars that also endorsed rock legend Rick Derringer. I may be a drummer myself, but onstage I instantly recognize brilliance when I hear the many phrasings Gregg plays in the music he writes. It’s catchy, brilliant, and technically complex – yet all the time the hook wiggles into your ear and never leaves.

Dave Buland is an exceptional bass player on so many levels its scary. He is like the Connor McDavid of bass players. Dave is without a doubt my favorite subject for photography at a live show due to his electrifying stage presence. I seldom see lead singers with as much electric persona on a stage as Dave has - the man is “entertainment” defined. As far as a bass player – there are few better as this man has talent to burn and will mesmerize you with his playing and the way he locks into Dale Penny’s playing as the foundation of the rhythm section.

Dale Penny is sheer natural ability behind a drum kit. His “musical” ability at a kit is remarkable, even more so as he often takes on the task of singing as well from his headset while playing intricate drum parts in Howzat material. Dale is a one kick drummer, and reminiscent of  the Bonham style of drumming – he can play complex bass patterns with one foot better than most can with double-bass.

Dale has recorded/played with the likes of Doug Varty, Scott Szeryk, Nail, Tribute acts such as Sabbath Only Sabbath and also acts that pay tribute to Bad Company, Rod Stewart, and Bryan Adams.

The band as a whole write clever well thought out songs with enough hooks in them to stay in your head for days – and as they expand far beyond London with new material coming out in a matter of months, Howzat will be even more at the fore.

In the meantime as a testimony to their talent and emergence as one of London’s hottest bands, they have landed the opening slot for rock legends Uriah Heep at The London Music Hall on February 11th, 2018.

Little more needs to be said other than that.


In 2017, Howzat released the politically charged 'LUV  DUST", recorded and co-produced by Juno award winner Siegfried Meier at Beach Road Studios.   Charting at #1 on Banks Radio Australia for 2 weeks, hitting #7 on the nationally renowned Spider Web Radio in the United States and #1 on The 365 Radio network in the U.S. Howzat has recently started to gain some commercial FM radio spins in Canada along with numerous  CBC and Sirius XM stations. Their 2016 single 'STORM' was also picked up by the syndicated TSN show Highways to Fairways on Canadian TV.

Throughout 2017 Howzat were regional finalist for 2017 CBC Searchlight and nominated for a JRLMA ( Jack Richardson London Music Awards).

Touring and constantly writing new material, Howzat has shared the stage with some pretty amazing acts in 2017, The Killer Dwarfs, Honeymoon Suite, Sloan and playing numerous outdoor festivals and with new music coming, Big things are on the horizon for this Canadian Rock act !

New York blogger and MTV Photographer Lauren Weissler quote

“What a glorious throwback to my metal days!  It's so refreshing to see new artists keeping rock fresh and alive and most of all, FUN.  These guys are truly talented and i can't wait to hear what they come out with next.  Try not to give yourself whiplash as you rock out to this tune! "

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