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Friday Allstage+Band+Highlight

+Musicians and+Live+Music+Patrons+have+made+Allstage+successful+because+I+believe+they+see we+do+what+we+can+to+promote+local+live+music.+We+go+out+to+dozens+of+shows, take+pictures+of+bands/artists+on+our+famous+Allstage+Crawls+and+post+to+give them+exposure.+We+run+for+our+paid+Premium+Members+on+the+Allstage+site+their+videos, tracks+and+of+on+the+site,+our+Allstage+app+and+across+our+numerous+social media+platforms,+the+app+and+site+we+list+their+events+that+they+post+ro+over 15,00+followers+and+the+average+250,000+patrons+who+use+our+app+and+site.

+Not to+mention+the+venues+that+use+Allstage+as+a+resource+for+hiring+bands+at+their venues.+We+are+constantly+pushing+our+members+to+get+exposure+out+to+music+fans and+patrons+who+attend+live+events.

Well+now+we+have adopted+yet+another+component+to+promote+our+Premium+Members+($60.00+p/year+to have+your+own+band+page,+events,+MP3’s+and+videos+listed)+–+the+“Allstage+Friday Band+Highlight”.+This+is+where+we+take+one+of+our+Premium+Members+each+Friday and+promote+them+on+Twitter,+Instagram,+LinkedIn+and+across+11+Facebook+pages+ranging from+Sarnia+to+Barrie.+

FB+pages+are+as follows:

Jim's Local+Live+Artist(s)+Music+Page+




Windsor+Music+Scene: +Windsor+Scene +


Musicians+-+Barrie, Ontario+

Niagara Falls+Indie+Page

Sarniarocks FB+Event+Page


This+takes+your+band+info,+tracks,+events+and+video’s+to a+massive+audience+across+multiple+platforms+and+to+numerous+cities+consisting of+venues+and+music+fans+–+of+course+it’s+incumbent+on+the+bands+to+make+sure+that their+pages+are+complete+with+all+the+vital+information+including+events,+new+videos and+tracks+–+but+this+is+all+the+heavy+lifting+that+is+done+for+you+by+us+here at+Allstage+for+our+Premium+members+and+takes+the+work+away+from+them+so+they can+concentrate+on+their+business.

+Add+top that+the+Allstage+app+where+your+friends,+family+and+fans+can+download+for+FREE at+Google+Play+or+The+App+Store,+and+they+can+all+“follow+you”+thanks+to+the ingenious+feature+on+the+Allstage+App+created+by+The+Branding+Firm.+They+can see+where+you+are+playing,+“follow”+the+event+by+stating+so+on+the+app+and listen+to+your+tracks+right+from+their+cell.

Membership+has+its+privileges+as+an+Allstage+Premium Member+and+thus+since+we+feel+you+are+a+great+band/artist+–+we+feel+that everyone+else+should+know+too.






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Getting the Word Out There

Friday Allstage Band Highlight

Friday Allstage Band Highlight

Musicians and Live Music Patrons have made Allstage successful because I believe they see we do what we can to promote local live music. We go out to dozens of shows, take pictures of bands/artists on our famous Allstage Crawls and post to give them exposure. We run for our paid Premium Members on the Allstage site their videos, tracks and of on the site, our Allstage app and across our numerous social media platforms, the app and site we list their events that they post ro over 15,00 followers and the average 250,000 patrons who use our app and site.

Not to mention the venues that use Allstage as a resource for hiring bands at their venues. We are constantly pushing our members to get exposure out to music fans and patrons who attend live events.

Well now we have adopted yet another component to promote our Premium Members ($60.00 p/year to have your own band page, events, MP3’s and videos listed) – the “Allstage Friday Band Highlight”. This is where we take one of our Premium Members each Friday and promote them on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and across 11 Facebook pages ranging from Sarnia to Barrie.

FB pages are as follows:

Jim's Local Live Artist(s) Music Page

London Ontario's Musician Headquarters

Brantford Music Scene

Essex County Musicians

Windsor Music Scene: Windsor Scene

Music Event Postings

Musicians - Barrie, Ontario

Niagara Falls Indie Page

Sarniarocks FB Event Page

Tri-city Musician's Network

This takes your band info, tracks, events and video’s to a massive audience across multiple platforms and to numerous cities consisting of venues and music fans – of course it’s incumbent on the bands to make sure that their pages are complete with all the vital information including events, new videos and tracks – but this is all the heavy lifting that is done for you by us here at Allstage for our Premium members and takes the work away from them so they can concentrate on their business.

Add top that the Allstage app where your friends, family and fans can download for FREE at Google Play or The App Store, and they can all “follow you” thanks to the ingenious feature on the Allstage App created by The Branding Firm. They can see where you are playing, “follow” the event by stating so on the app and listen to your tracks right from their cell.

Membership has its privileges as an Allstage Premium Member and thus since we feel you are a great band/artist – we feel that everyone else should know too.


Jim McCormick - President of Allstage

Cell: 519-709-0650



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