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Twice+a+month+a+local blues+band+called+Double+Clutch+Band,+host+a+Blues+Jam+from+3-7pm+twice+a month.

London’s+Blues+following is+as+large+as+it+is+loyal+and+this+bi-monthly+event+gives+the+city’s+premier Blues+musicians+a+chance+to+go+out+and+network,+hang+out+with+friends+and+supply four+hours+of+great+live+music.+The+band+consists+of+ Richard+Joyce,+Hayden+Vialva+(Juno+Award+winning+drummer), Tanya+Lovell,+James+Nestor,+Teddy+Leonard,+and+John+Brocksom+-+and+they are+quite+well+known+in+the+area+for+their+stellar+musicianship.

For+those+that+have+never+attended+one+of+their+Jams+let+me inform+you,+I’m+a+rock+drummer,+can’t+play+a+shuffle+if+my+life+was+on+the+line and+obviously+I+am+not+anywhere+in+the+league+of+Hayden+on+a+kit+–+but+the entire+band+treats+everyone+who+comes+out+as+a+patron+or+musician+like+they have+known+you+for+20+years.

Bill+Lovell,+Tanya’s+husband+does+a+lot+of+the+organizing+and is+friendly,+easy+going+and+will+go+out+of+his+way+to+make+you+feel+right+at home.+The+musicians+who+attend+this+event+are+very+accommodating+–+especially+to those+of+us+that+can’t+play+a+simple+shuffle+and+will+go+out+of+their+way+to work+with+you+on+material.+There+is+NO+judgment+of+your+talent+level,+they+will treat+you+as+a+friend+and+just+enjoy+jamming+together+on+a+stage+with+you+to accommodate+ you .

Do+yourself+a+favor+on+a+slow+Sunday+afternoon,+come+on+out and+spend+a+few+hours+listening+to+great+music+and+making+new+friends+–+you+will be+very+happy+that+you+did+and+it+might+even+become+a+habit+for+a+Sunday.

For+dates+of+the+Sunday+Blues+Jam+go+to+Allstage ( allstage.ca
)+or+better+yet+download+the+FREE+Allstage+app+at+Google+Play+or The+App+Store.

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Eastside Bar Sunday Blues Jam

Get the Blues at the Eastside Bar Sunday Blues Jam

Twice a month a local blues band called Double Clutch Band, host a Blues Jam from 3-7pm twice a month.

London’s Blues following is as large as it is loyal and this bi-monthly event gives the city’s premier Blues musicians a chance to go out and network, hang out with friends and supply four hours of great live music. The band consists of Richard Joyce, Hayden Vialva (Juno Award winning drummer), Tanya Lovell, James Nestor, Teddy Leonard, and John Brocksom - and they are quite well known in the area for their stellar musicianship.

For those that have never attended one of their Jams let me inform you, I’m a rock drummer, can’t play a shuffle if my life was on the line and obviously I am not anywhere in the league of Hayden on a kit – but the entire band treats everyone who comes out as a patron or musician like they have known you for 20 years.

Bill Lovell, Tanya’s husband does a lot of the organizing and is friendly, easy going and will go out of his way to make you feel right at home. The musicians who attend this event are very accommodating – especially to those of us that can’t play a simple shuffle and will go out of their way to work with you on material. There is NO judgment of your talent level, they will treat you as a friend and just enjoy jamming together on a stage with you to accommodate you .

Do yourself a favor on a slow Sunday afternoon, come on out and spend a few hours listening to great music and making new friends – you will be very happy that you did and it might even become a habit for a Sunday.

For dates of the Sunday Blues Jam go to Allstage ( allstage.ca ) or better yet download the FREE Allstage app at Google Play or The App Store.

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