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I would like to take this time to throw a huge shout out to Jim, Barb and all the folks at Allstage. Not only are they working crazy hard at promoting the local music scene, I know for sure they are responsible for helping us get into a local venue that we wanted to play at. Keep up all the great work! Thanks from everyone in High Tide

Tom McMillan

Drummer , High Tide

Allstage is a unique platform that unites the ENTIRE local musical community.  From songwriters to performers to venues to business associates, Allstage is connecting us all.

ALLSTAGE is a marketing conference, schmoozefest, commercial, networking community, information desk and event calendar, all under one umbrella:

A very compact, and easy-to-navigate website.


Sarah Smith


Gives local talent a place to showcase

Gives local music industry related businesses a place to been seen

Gives the local community a place to go to see where music is being performed

Champions and makes people aware of local fund raisers supported by local musicians

Provides members with a card that can get them discounts with many local businesses

Works hand in hand with local bars and pubs to create a better working environment for musicians

Jim has spent hundreds of hours with this labor of love as he feels passionately that things need to improve in the music community

The growth of Allstage has proven that people in the music industry do want a place to hang their hat

The PA Shop - London

Allstage creates a focal point for the many stakeholders in the music industry. Musicians , venues, retailers and most importantly consumers..

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