Dec 16

Celebrated+composer and+SCGC+Board+member+Ari+Posner+appeared+on+a+panel+in+Ottawa+on+Nov+22, called+'Redefining+Success+in+a+Digital+Marketplace'. +The+discussion centered+around+the+new+economic+challenges+music+creators+face,+and+our perspective+as+AV+composers+on+what’s+known+as+the+Value+Gap.+ I+encourage everyone+to+watch+the+video+and+share+the+video+of+this+event+to+learn+more about+the+issues+we+all+face,+and+to+see+the+work+that+your+Guild+is+doing+on your+behalf.

The+event+was+co-sponsored+by+Music Canada+and+SOCAN,+and+Miranda+McConnell + gave+a fabulous+keynote+address+telling+her+own+story+of+struggling+to+make+a+middle class+living.

Following+this+was+the+panel+which included+Ari+Posner,+songwriter+and+recording+artist+Alan+Frew,+and+Access+Copyright President+Roanie+Levy,+and+was+moderated+by+journalist+Vassy+Kapelos.+In an+engaging+and+articulate+way,+Ari+represented+our+sector+of+the+ecosystem admirably.+Please+watch+and+share+the+link+with+friends,+business+associates, and+your+elected+representatives+locally+and+federally.

If+they+hear+from+enough+of+us,+we+can compel+those+in+government+to+take+the+necessary+steps+to+start+to+address+the inequities+alive+in+the+Digital+Marketplace.

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Redefining Success in a Digital Marketplace

Miranda Mulholland on "Redefining Success in a Digital Marketplace"

Celebrated composer and SCGC Board member Ari Posner appeared on a panel in Ottawa on Nov 22, called 'Redefining Success in a Digital Marketplace'. The discussion centered around the new economic challenges music creators face, and our perspective as AV composers on what’s known as the Value Gap.  I encourage everyone to watch the video and share the video of this event to learn more about the issues we all face, and to see the work that your Guild is doing on your behalf.

The event was co-sponsored by Music Canada and SOCAN, and Miranda McConnell gave a fabulous keynote address telling her own story of struggling to make a middle class living.

Following this was the panel which included Ari Posner, songwriter and recording artist Alan Frew, and Access Copyright President Roanie Levy, and was moderated by journalist Vassy Kapelos. In an engaging and articulate way, Ari represented our sector of the ecosystem admirably. Please watch and share the link with friends, business associates, and your elected representatives locally and federally.

If they hear from enough of us, we can compel those in government to take the necessary steps to start to address the inequities alive in the Digital Marketplace.